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Muve is a rent and moving mobile app that revolutionizes the way you rent, making it simpler, quicker, and more human. Muve's mission is to provide opportunities for everyone to live better lives, offering seamless transitions from one new beginning to the next.

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The Problem

In addition to the challenges of finding the right home, modern technology has made the process of apartment hunting even more difficult. Renting apps and websites can be overwhelming and disorganized, making it difficult for users to navigate and find what they are looking for. It can be frustrating to sort through hundreds of listings that don't match your preferences or deal with scams and false advertising.

The abundance of options and information can be overwhelming and make it challenging to make a decision. It can also be discouraging to spend hours scrolling through listings without finding anything suitable, which can lead to feelings of frustration and helplessness. This can result in users feeling unmotivated to continue the search and prolong the process of finding a new home.

The Solution

The app's search engine is optimized to provide personalized recommendations based on user preferences, including nearby transit routes, schools, and shopping centers.

To address the issue of shady landlords and online scams, Muve incorporates a robust verification system that ensures all listings are legitimate and trustworthy. This system includes background checks on landlords and property owners, as well as user reviews and ratings for each property.

The app also offers a feature that allows renters to directly message property owners and landlords with any questions or concerns, eliminating the need for intermediaries or third-party agents.

Finally, the app's "favorites" feature allows users to save and revisit their preferred listings, making it easier to keep track of potential homes and compare options.

Overall, the UI/UX solution for Muve provides a seamless and stress-free apartment hunting experience, reducing the time and effort required to find a new home while ensuring safety and transparency throughout the process.

User Research

User research was conducted to gain insight into the needs and preferences of the general public, both workers and students, regarding a rent and moving mobile app called Muve. The research involved online surveys and in-person interviews with individuals who have recently gone through the apartment hunting process.

The research found that users value convenience, efficiency, and safety when searching for a new home. They prefer a mobile app that is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that guides them through the apartment hunting process. They also want an app that is personalized to their specific needs and preferences, including location, transit options, and local amenities.

Users expressed a desire for an app that offers transparent and reliable information about rental properties and landlords, with a robust verification system to prevent scams and ensure safety. They also value features that allow them to communicate directly with property owners and landlords, as well as save and revisit their preferred listings.


User Persona

Jamila Davis - Muve Persona.png

 Competitive Analysis 



  • Saved home updates feature 

  • Nearby open homes search option

  • Price history

  • Travel times


  • leaving ads open after properties are no longer available.

  • Too many features, resulting in users feeling overwhelmed 

  • Hard to find narrowed searches.

  • Difficultly to verify legit listings



  • Daily property match features 

  • Landlord/ agent verification feature 

  • House hunting tips 

  • Options for online tours 


  • Hard to find in app message feature 

  • cluttered ui on the filters page

  • Basic info about agents are not available for some postings 

  • long & unorganized listing descriptions 

 Information Architecture 

Information architecture (IA) for Muve, a moving/renting mobile app, is crucial to ensure that users can easily find and use the app's features to achieve their goals. The IA must focus on making the app's navigation intuitive and user-friendly while supporting its mission of offering seamless transitions to its users.

Muve - information Architecture.jpg


Here's an overview of the UI wireframe for Muve, a moving/renting mobile app that simplifies the rental process:

  1. Home Screen: The home screen should display essential features such as search, current rentals, and customer support. It should be clean and straightforward, with a logo and a search bar at the top.

  2. Search Results: After a user inputs search criteria and clicks the search button, the app should display a list of relevant properties. Each search result should include a high-quality image, property details, and pricing. Users should also be able to filter the search results by location, price, number of rooms, and other criteria.

  3. Property Details: When a user clicks on a property, they should be taken to a page with detailed property information, including images, a description, and pricing. Users should be able to contact the property manager or landlord directly from this page.

  4. Message: The messaging feature should allow users to send text, emojis, images, and attachments. Users should also be able to share their location with the real estate agent. The most recent conversations should be at the top of the list.

Overall, the UI wireframe for Muve should be designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with a clean and modern design that supports the app's mission of providing opportunities for everyone to live better lives. By focusing on these key elements, Muve can provide a seamless rental process for its users.

MUVE - Wireframes.png

UI Kit

The UI kit for Muve is designed with the mission of providing a seamless transition to a new beginning. The app is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate through the features. The kit features a clean and modern design, with a bright color palette that reflects Muve's mission of providing opportunities for everyone to live better lives.

Muve UI Kit.png
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